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Download and Install HP Printer Assistant on your PC (Only for Windows)

What is an HP Printer Assistant?

HP Printer Assistant

The HP Printer Assistant is software for print management of HP printers that are specifically designed to manage print activities and also improve efficiency on your printer.

Printer management software, ‘HP Printer Assistant’ will be installed automatically every time you install the HP Printer driver. This software is equipped with the best technical features, which makes printing jobs much more comfortable. With its help, users can track printer page usage, check ink levels, scan documents or images, can control all printing processes, and much more.

This HP Printer Assistant will help users to be able to manage their print jobs without any difficulties. The automatic feature of the software can handle all printing processes that occur with the printer. It also allows users to manage all print jobs with their default features. In other words, the HP Printer Assistant is a printer maintenance tool for HP printers to manage performance, resolve problems, and update your printer driver.

How do I download & install?

Instructions for downloading software from the official HP Website

  1. First, turn on your printer
  2. Now, make sure the USB cable that connects your printer to the computer is removed or removed from the printer. The installation shows to connect cables if needed.
  3. Then you need to visit the HP Software and Download Drivers for the HP Printer.
  4. Now you have to type your printer’s model number and click send.
  5. The results page will show your printer model, click on the model you are using.
  6. On the next page, if the default operating system is different from the one you use, you need to change it, click Change, and select the version you are using & click change.
  7. Now click the download.
  8. Select the type of installation you want, Typical or Recommended — every time the software installer requests.

How do you use the HP Support Printer Assistant?

Most PCs, HP come with an HP Support Assistant. To open an application on your computer, move the mouse cursor to the taskbar and click on the HP Support Assistant application icon or you can search for ‘support assistant’ to open the application.

But if the application is not installed on your computer, you must install it now. Download the HP Support Assistant and install it, or download directly from the official website of HP Inc. It’s free

Is the HP Printer Assistant available for Mac

At present, this software is not available for MACOS or OS X, because the Mac print driver installs the HP Utility, which is equipped with the same features and similar tools.

Software, Logos and other marks are trademarks of HP Inc.

HP Printer Assistant
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